La La Loopsy Party

One of my friend’s daughters loves La La Loopsy and chose that for her birthdaythis year (for those of us without kids yet, apparently these dolls are a thing now….).  So, after some La La research, I asked myself what’s the first step to throwing a themed party?  Researching it on pinterest of course, I replied.  Thankfully, there were several good ideas (as always) and we incorporated several of them into her party.  I’m convinced that the Dollar Tree should be everyone’s first stop for decorating.  About 75% of the items I needed, I purchased from there.  Move over Wal-Mart, the Dollar Tree is coming for you!  My first “must-make” that I still think was the greatest bang for the buck were these paper plate buttons

Button Plate Wall

I purchased 4 colors of paper plates, drew 4 dots with a Sharpie, hole punched, and tied together with yarn, got the idea from the following blog: I plan on using these again for a “Cute as a Button” baby shower.

The tablecloths were also from the Dollar Tree, I purchased 2 and cut scalloped edges on the top cloth by tracing half of a plate

Another big bang for your buck are streamers.  It’s a really inexpensive way to fill space and make an entire party area look decorated.  I cut buttons out of cardboard, (idea here but painted them and taped to the ceiling with streamers, I wanted a cushion looking effect, but I think I got a more granddaddy-long-leg effect.  I’m still happy with it.

button ceilingbutton ceiling

A blog that I found to be really helpful because of its budget friendly ideas was and I used their idea for hot-gluing buttons to stems and placing in vases.

Button Flowers

My fellow crafting friend, Brittany, handled the activities for the party and made these awesome party hats for the kids to wear

party hat

The yarn strung place mats were a really cute idea from

The kids all made their own necklaces and made paper lalaloopsy dolls

threading the bead

For the gift area, I put wrapping paper around the table to fill in the gaps for the ribbon skirt I made, I also added a lalaloopsy picture in a frame.  Above the table are a lalaloopsy banner and a doilee banner (which I love) from My Sisters Suitcase (link above).

gift table  gift table

One original idea for the party was a cabinet that crafty Brittany and I found at our church (where the party was held).  We were actually finishing up our decorating and Brittany walked into the bathroom, found this cabinet, and emerged with an idea.  We filled the cabinet with buttons, material, thread, pin cushions and the dolls.  And even though it was last minute,  It turned out to be my favorite part.  We used it on the dessert table

DSC_0270 loopsy cabinet DSC_0262

Lastly, here are some general pictures of the tables and party.  Towards the end, we pretty much threw yarn, thread, and buttons everywhere.  One of the kids attending stated it was “the best party every!” And I slept very well, my friends, very well 🙂

DSC_0256 DSC_0255 DSC_0261


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